STT’s Football DVD #1 – Conference Series

SMARTERTeamTraining.comWith the football season only weeks away, I wanted to go back to the drawing board to make sure I was not missing something with the athletes I am working with now. Adding competition and implementing power exercises correctly is important this time of year. The energy on this DVD is easy to feel. Coach McKeefery and Coach Hicks arguably had the top two rated presentations at the conference and are always on my short list for events. With Coach McKeefery’s intensity during the on-field live agility session and Coach Hicks southern charm, this STT DVD should be in everyone strength library.

Ron McKeefery takes local football players and a few female athletes through his SAQ program. Speed, agility, and quickness are vital to any teams success. Implementing a program that is progressive, challenging, and fun can be difficult at times. Coach McKeefery shows you a bunch of drills and how his coaching techniques get the most out of each athlete. It is easy to see how much emphasis Ron puts on the team development and mental toughness aspect of his programs. So many teams want and need to focus on the intangibles within a drill, how a drill is completed, and the consistent effort needed to achieve greatness. Nothing gets past Coach McKeefery on this STT DVD and I am sure that after you watch this enthusiastic presentation nothing will get past you either. If you are looking for ways to elevate your training sessions, this one is a no brainer.

I have to be honest. When I was new to this field, I emphasized strength, strength, and more strength. I really had a weakness with agility, conditioning, speed mechanics, jump/landing techniques and could barely coach any aspect of this major aspects of athletic development. Far too many strength and conditioning coaches get sucked into the “LET’S LIFT!” personality that is a stigma that holds us back at times. Coach Hicks takes a great approach to breaking down some of his speed drills and mechanics in this presentation to help your athletes turn the strength that is gained in the weight room into power on the field and court. He takes his athletes through exercises that you can implement in your warm-up, strength, conditioning, and agility sessions seamlessly. Watching this STT DVD reminded me of all the relentless phone calls I made and countless hours spent watching coaches actually coach, the books I read, and the videos that I watched to develop my weakness into what some would call a strength of mine now. Coach Hick’s passion for this field is easy to see. He is one of the quality men in this field. A real resource for both the young and old in the industry.

If I had to pick one of the DVD’s it would be hard. If I was curious and wanted to try just one to see what all of fuss was about, then this would be it. Detailed information regarding each of STT DVD‘s, including the Football, Basketball, and Olympic Sports series, can be found on the website. Go to the Facebook Fan Page and let me know your thoughts about each DVD that you purchase. I look forward to reading what STT nation has to say about the presentation on this DVD.


STT’s Olympic Sports DVD #1 – Conference Series

STT’s Basketball DVD #1 – Conference Series

This DVD is a must for those willing to think outside the box as well as those that are interested in developing their program to ensure their athletes are ready to be their best when their best is expected. This three presentation DVD is the one to get if you want to see what STT DVD‘s are all about. Coach Johnson’s, Coach VanDyke’s, and Coach Pennewill’s passion for what they do is easy to see and it comes across very well on this STT production.

Allan Johnson, one of the biggest names in the collegiate strength and conditioning field, did a great job last year talking about some of the mental toughness and team bonding techniques he used to get the mindset right of his Ohio State University Buckeye Football Teams. I have had the opportunity to speak and become good friends with Coach Johnson over the years. He even sat down for a quick Q&A session with me when we ran into each other at an event in Philadelphia. Allan’s insight on team training, as well as his ability to keep you motivated, is top notch. I make it a point to sit down and watch the STT DVD‘s each month from a fans point of view. And this month’s DVD choice could not have been more fitting.

David VanDyke was asked to speak about his agility program because of his knowledge of sport appropriate preparation. He takes his demonstrators through a non-stop 40+ minute workout that you could do tomorrow with most of your teams. Coach VanDyke’s attention to detail is intense and his athletes are able to feed off his passion. It is great to see a coach that never takes a day off regardless if he is working with his teams and athletes, or at a conference. David knocked this live demonstration right out of the park.

With all that goes on at these STT events, I do not get to see each presentation from start to finish. It is impressive to see what these coaches are willing to share. Scott Pennewill’s presentation is a great resource for any one working with a volleyball program. I have had the opportunity to work with Coach Pennewill first hand and thought the exercises he demonstrates here fit well into the STT programs. These exercises can be used before, during, and after practice which allows coaches to build versatility into their practices. Having a on-court physical preparation program is important in volleyball. With the scheduling requirements that all volleyball teams work within, you have to be able to make your strength training and injury prevention approach a priority that is simple to implement and a consistent part of an athletes preparation.

Detailed information regarding each of STT DVD‘s, including the Football, Basketball, and Olympic Sports series, can be found on the website. Send me an email with your thoughts about each DVD that you purchase. I would be happy and excited to share the feedback with STT fans.

STT’s Football DVD #2 – Conference Series

STT’s Football DVD #2 – Conference SeriesAfter a busy week, which I will fill everyone in on later this coming week, I sat down and wanted to regroup a bit. I wanted to be a STT fan and popped in the Training for Football – Conference Series: Disc Two. I enjoyed hearing Coach Gittleson’s and Coach Merlino’s presentations again. Mike Gittleson has been in the strength game for over 30 years. As the former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of Michigan, Mike has unmatched knowledge of what it takes to be successful in many facets of this field. Yes, I have been at his house and you may be shocked to see forearm/grip equipment in many areas of his house. This will not surprise you after you get to sit down with him and just “talk shop.” I am certain that you will be intrigued by the depth and thought provoking ideas that Coach is willing to share. His passion, as touched on at the SC/AD Michigan clinic clip, for neck training and concussion education is commendable and we need to listen to his message. Hopefully his passion for protecting the athletes that we cheer for every day will be heard. Gittleson’s presentation on this DVD will be an instant resource for anyone interested in strength training. I look forward to seeing Coach Gittleson’s new presentation at this year’s 4th Annual SC/AD Conference in Baltimore, MD on July 23 and 24.

Coach Merlino and I have known each other for years. It is great to see how far he has come as a professional. His sense of humor will have you laughing instantly and his knowledge of training will have you talking for quite some time. I am sure that Jay enjoys every second of his experience with the Philadelphia Eagles as you can see in this presentation. Merlino describes the Eagles off-season approach in detail while sharing some stories that add a personal touch. Jay’s enthusiasm to teach what is often overlooked in a way that everyone can relate to makes this presentation fun to watch and share. I am looking forward to having Coach Merlino back at future STT events.

For more information on this, and all of the STT DVD‘s, check out STT’s Shop on the website. Detailed information regarding each Football, Basketball, and Olympic Sports DVD can be found there also. Please feel free to share your thoughts about the productions after yours today!

SC/AD Michigan Clinic Wrap-Up STT took another step this weekend with its first ever regional clinic. As this aspect of the education program grows only good things can come of it. I will be posting some highlight clips and pictures from the event in the next few weeks. The post on Friday started off the weekend just right. Honestly I can not thank everyone enough. Jim Kielbaso’s staff at the Total Performance Center did an excellent job! We sat down on Saturday night, went through the evaluations individually and have already made a list which will only help future events.

Be sure to join STT on Facebook where we will posting some post-event information that is time sensitive. Joining the mailing list will also get you additional information from my presentations if you missed the clinic in Michigan. I look forward to seeing you at the Baltimore Conference on July 23 and 24. Register today!

STT in Detroit, MI

Sitting here in the Holiday Inn Express in Wixom, MI getting ready to head over to the Total Performance Center to set up for tomorrow’s clinic. I am heading over to meet Jim Kielbaso and see what he has in store for tomorrow. The facility is great. The line up of speakers is legit! And I am pumped to get this regional event off the ground. If you have not registered yet, do it today by clicking here.

Ron McKeefery from USF and Alan Stein from Stronger Team are flying in today. Rick Court from the University of Toledo and Nick Wilson from the University of Detroit Mercy are coming in later this evening too. Mike Gittleson formerly of the University of Michigan and Gordie Schaeffler from the Total Performance Center will be here tomorrow morning to get this event rolling.

Before I forget, I want to thank the sponsors and give them a shout out. Often times when doing these events we forget to thank at least one person and I do not want to be that guy. I appreciate the support that each representative has provided the SC/AD Michigan Regional Clinic. A sincere “thank you” needs to go out to Sally Crawford from Fusion Sport, Don King from All Pro Exercise, Aaron Thomas from Progenex, and Bill Jacobs from Bill Jacobs Power Company. Please contact each of them for your equipment and supplement needs this year. I am sure they would appreciate an email from you. You can find their contact information by clicking here.

I am sure I will have some highlights to share of the event. Hopefully I will be able to get them up over the next two to three weeks. I will have updates on Facebook, YouTube, and the blog following the event. If I can, I will be updating everyone on Twitter during the event too.

I look forward to hearing your feedback. It is exciting to be bringing people together to discuss strength and conditioning in a new area of the country. The classroom presentations look awesome, the hands-on learning experience is top notch, and the ability to network with some of the best in the business is incredible.

Thanks again to Sally, Don, Aaron, and Bill! Alan, Rick, Mike, Ron, Jim, Gordie, Nick, the TPC staff, my assistants, and everyone else involved with this event… THANK YOU! I truly am lucky to be able to share my passion with people like each of you. I would not want it any other way.

I hope all is well. Have a great day.

STT announces Grand Slam sponsor!

Our first grand slam sponsor has been confirmed for the 4th Annual Strength and Conditioning/Athletic Development Conference in Baltimore, MD. Located in Washington, DC, Zephyr Technology contacted STT to support one of the largest strength and conditioning events in the region.

Zephyr Technology specializes in Performance Status Monitoring (PSM) Solutions focused on strength and conditioning for coaches and athletes.

The BioHarnessTM is the core of the solution, delivering heart and breathing rate, skin temperature, activity and position. There are two automatic tests built into the OmniSenseTM software; the Auto Conconi method or Auto Beep test that can be administered live or in logged mode.

Zephyr is the only solution to combine the five physiological parameters into a single, lightweight strap. The benefits are:

-Breathing rate allows direct measure of VT2 (Anaerobic threshold). Training the body to better utilize fat and carbohydrates is important for performance. VT2 is the threshold between these two fuels.

-Using breathing rate to accurately indicate your training heart rate allows you to improve endurance and power for performance.

-Using activity to contextualize if HR response is due to hard work or just poor shape.

If you are interested in learning more about the Zephyr difference go to For more information regarding the event in Baltimore, MD on July 23 and 24, and to register, go to

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