STT on YouTube – Body Weight Warm-Up

The warm-up sets the tone for the workout. Eliminate the distractions and focus on the task at hand. Incorporate exercises in a rhythmic fashion to get the heart rate up and activate the muscles of the body through full range of motion movements. Balance drills are often overlooked but can add variety too. Here are a few exercises that can help you warm-up before your next strength or conditioning workout.

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STT on YouTube – Sand Bag Leg Circuit

Get away from the dumbbells and barbells to add variety to your training. What else is around you to switch up your training? Try grabbing a sand bag and make a list of as many exercises as you can think of. Then pick 5-7 exercises that you can do with confidence and repeat for ten reps each. Track how many times you do each exercise in 15 minutes. Progress by decreasing your rest time between exercises or by increasing time. Check out this clip to get you started.

For more clips, check out STT on YouTube. Be sure to subscribe, rate, and leave a comment for each of the clips. More are coming soon, so check back with STT often for tips, exercises, and drills to help your athletes.


Coach Taylor featured on STACK!

www.SMARTERTeamTraining.comAnd the tips keep on coming from Coach Taylor! This one features three videos and some good old fashion questions and answers from a recent interview with Coach Taylor and STACK. Check out the post by clicking the STACK logo above. Let STT know what you think of what Coach Taylor had to say by leaving a comment below.

STT heads to ML Strength Conference

Coach Taylor is presenting at the Major League Strength Conference tomorrow and is heading to Connecticut today. Looking forward to presenting with Dana Cavalea from the New York Yankees as well as the many other presenters. Catching a mid-day flight, a short car ride to Sacred Heart University, and then meetings through the evening to catch up on new tips and techniques to bring back to STT nation. I will follow up tomorrow with some updates from the event. Check out twitter too in case something pops up that is needed to be shared.

For more information about where Coach Taylor will be presenting next, or to find out more about the 2011 SC/AD Conference and regional events, go to

STT’s tip of the month for December 2010

Far too often I am asked about this “new” diet.  I have honed in to become ready for these questions about two days after we put the current magazine in the cardio area.  More often than not the conversations start with “What do you think?”  I simply ask “Have you eaten breakfast?”  When the answer is “NO”, then I am certain we need to start from the beginning.  Stick to recommending drinking lots of water and using a multivitamin daily.  If you can keep that routine up, then we’ll teach you about healthy nutrition choices before even discussing next month’s new diet.

STT’s tip #2 of the month for November 2010

Looking for ways to get your kids away from that TV?  How about teaching them something else that is entertaining and rewarding to boot.  With today’s busy lifestyles, families don’t always eat as healthfully as we would like.  Get the youth of our country involved with meal time.  Have them make several fruit and vegetable snacks that they can eat throughout the day.  Schedule a snack time and stick to it.  Space snacks at least two to three hours before a meal.  Kids can do more than just set the table.  Involve them in meal planning and preparation. Children often will eat foods they help plan and prepare.  The most important part, find a place to sit down together for at least one meal.  The dinner table has become the couch in far too many households.  How about taking a dinner vacation to the backyard?  The local park?  Or to the library?  Who knows maybe they’ll even learn a bit about you and their surroundings outside of what they saw on the Discovery channel.

STT’s tip of the month for November 2010

What’s the number to that great pizza joint around the corner?  If you read that question and know the answer or worse yet have the number on speed dial, ask yourself this one next… What is your blood pressure?  Better yet, what is your HDL/LDL count?  If you have no idea what yours is then set up a schedule to check it regularly.  Ideally your blood pressure should be below 115 over 75, LDL cholesterol under 100, and resting heart rate under 70.  If your numbers aren’t close to these, ditch that list on speed dial today.

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