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SMARTER Team Training enjoys the feedback that our fans have been providing us through our journey. The interactions at conferences and clinics, on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as numerous other correspondences help to keep STT motivated to provide some of the best athletic development tips, exercises, and drills from around the industry.

Read below to see what some of our fans have been saying about their experience with what STT has been offering. If you would like to share your thoughts/comments, please join one of the social networks by clicking on the links provided below.

Rob commented on YouTube, “Great clip! I’m doing this and other variations with my lacrosse team, especially the goalies. Thanks for the info. STT is awesome!”

Anonymous comment from the Baltimore conference, “The attention to detail, helpful and friendly staff, and unexpected networking opportunity makes this conference rival events sponsored by much larger organizations.

Ron commented on Facebook, “I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Rob for his constant motivation. He is one of the best in the business, and a phenomenal resource. It is people like Coach Taylor who make the field of strength and conditioning the best profession in the world.”

Matt commented on e-newsletter, “Great job with all of the work you have done with SMARTER Team Training. I am truly impressed with your work and dedication to the field of strength and conditioning.”

Jim commented on YouTube, “Hi Coach. Before I started rating your videos on YouTube, I wanted to tell you personally that I think your approach is great.  These last ones really show you as a professional.  These are great!  Thanks for sharing your expertise.  And thanks for keeping things moving on this site as well.

Gerry commented on STT’s blog, I really enjoyed the training videos on the blog. I will be utilizing the squat technique drill, agility work, and form running drills. I’ve also been enjoying the daily motivational quotes. Great work and look forward to seeing you at the July conference in Baltimore.”

Jordan commented on Twitter, I read your stuff daily. Love it. Great to have a moment each day where I get that ‘yes I can’ feeling.”

Barbara commented on Facebook, I can’t believe I’m getting these outstanding pointers and tips for free! God bless you for sharing. Love them and they’ve improved my workout regimen…For real!

John after reading a copy of the upcoming Soccer Conditioning e-book, “Rob’s programs are on the cutting edge. It was vital to us winning conference titles, making the NCAA’s, and most of all remaining healthy year round.”

Michael commented on YouTube, “I like that you are showing women doing these workouts. It gives me something to show my rugby girls. It also stops the ‘that’s for boys not girls’ comment. Keep up your awesome work!”

Gabriel commented through Facebook, “This is awesome. Please keep your clips coming. I can’t believe you are giving this stuff away. I work with a younger population, that doesn’t have the strength to do some of this stuff, but for the students that can do it, it will surely blow them away!

Anonymous comment from the Baltimore conference, “Loved the information on the website. Looking forward to keeping in touch on Facebook and Twitter. I’m saving the date for the next conference already.”

Ron commented on YouTube, “I love your clips. I am always looking for different exercises to give my athletes. Keep doing what you do. Thanks!”

Use these links to keep in touch with STT and to see what others have to say about their SMARTER Team Training experience: STT on the Web, STT on YouTube, STT on Facebook, STT on Twitter, and STT on LinkedIn.



  1. This site is a great resource, I have learned some new exercises and been reminded of many exercises that I have used in the past but not used recently with the athletes I train. I am always excited to see what is going on with STT.

    • Thank you for the kind words Justin! It is always great to hear what people are saying about the blog, clips, and tips coming from STT. Stay in touch. So much more coming soon. I hope all is well. Have a great day.

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