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www.SMARTERTeamTraining.comAnd the tips keep on coming from Coach Taylor! This one features three videos and some good old fashion questions and answers from a recent interview with Coach Taylor and STACK. Check out the post by clicking the STACK logo above. Let STT know what you think of what Coach Taylor had to say by leaving a comment below.


STT’s workout of the month for October 2010

I’m sure we have all see the guy at the gym stuck on the bench press and the multiple variations of pressing movements.  Often times you notice that when he racks the weight or drops the dumbbells as loud and as hard as possible, that he quickly grabs his shoulder and makes a circular motion with his arm.  I’m sure that in his head he is thinking it is just “part of getting big”.  But for the rest of us that would like to think otherwise, try these exercises out.  These types of exercises are a must for throwing sports such as baseball and softball, hitting sports such as tennis and volleyball, and a definite must for swimmers.  Using 2-5 pounds of resistance lie on a bench on your stomach.  Start with your arm hanging straight down, pull shoulder blade back, extend arm away from body to shoulder height as if you were trying to make a “T”.  This exercise can be performed with palm down or thumb up for variation.  You can also do this in an “I” and “V”, but don’t limit yourself to just these three letters.

STT’s workout of the month for June 2010

Often we read or hear about new ab exercises or a piece of equipment that guarantees you a six pack without really exercising.  How about sticking to what works?  A throw back exercise if you will.  If you have not tried this one in awhile, you are missing out.  Begin the exercise lying on your back with one leg straight up in the air.  Yes, core work on your back.  Most people cannot flex particular muscle groups of their core in the beginning, so let’s start with the basics and reintroduce ourselves to our bodies.  Keep your hands together and extend your arms towards your foot/toe.  Pause in the contracted position and tap your foot.  Slowly return to starting position keeping constant tension on the abdominal region while eliminating momentum.  Repeat action on same leg for 12-20 reps without letting shoulder blades touch floor then switch to the opposite leg.  Try 1-2 sets to start.  As you gain strength, try holding a med ball to increase the effort level.

STT’s workout of the month for February 2010

As your athletes get mentally tougher, try changing up the tempo of the reps instead of increasing the resistance.  Try a few sets of a protocol called “super slow”.  In this protocol, the concentric phase is executed in six seconds or longer with perfect posture and form.  After the concentric phase, follow it up with a six second, or again longer, eccentric phase.  When executing a pulling exercise, add a six second or longer isometric between the positive and negative phase of the lift.

STT’s workout of the month for December 2009

When a trainee starts training they often do not realize how much their body can handle.  They do not quite know how hard they can work past what they believe to be exhaustion.  Try the “breakdown” or “drop set” protocol to help educate your athletes about what intensity really is.  Have them execute a set in the normal manner, with sound posture and perfect repetitions eliminating momentum, to the point of momentary muscular failure.  Once they have reached failure, quickly reduce the weight on the barbell, dumbbell, or machine by approximately twenty percent.  Try to do this in less than twenty seconds.  Then ask the trainee to work to failure again.  When the athlete reaches twelve or more perfect reps on the first set and six or more on the second, or more than eighteen combine reps in two sets, increase the weight for the next workout.

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