STT’s tip #2 of the month for September 2010

How about that dreaded “freshman 15?”  Many college students experience this unfortunate aspect of college life.  Often this weight gain is due to stress levels, lifestyle changes, new and readily available food choice, and a decreased level of physical activity.  This semester try to avoid skipping meals.  Watch you portion sizes especially late night.  Keep healthy snack options available in your dorm room.  Oh and don’t forget to check out the intramural teams or student rec centers to start a workout routine early in your college career.



  1. Totally agree with the last comment.

    A few other simple things I suggest people to keep an eye on:
    – Eat something that is Protien every time you eat, which should be 3 meals and 2 snacks. Breakfast is usually the highest in carbs (cereal, bagel, etc). The easiest way to get a good amount of protien in the morning is with a really good Protien shake. Make sure it’s loaded with vitamins, minerals and amino acids so that is a really good meal replacement with all the nutrition you need.

    – Avoid fast foods and processed foods. Not just because they are loaded with sugar and fat but also because they are loaded with chemicals and fillers and low in nutrition. Our bodies cannot process a lot of these chemicals and fillers so they build in our system. Then our bodies are less able to absorb nutrition from food and supplements. Then our body starts to store fat. The early 20’s is about the time that it tells us ‘enough is enough’ and and starts storing fat if good eating habits are not used. Whole-body cleanses are good to do 3-4 times a year to rid our bodies of these toxins and other pollutants we take in by just breathing.

    – Take a good multivitamin. Our bodies store fat when we don’t take in enough nutrition. It senses something is wrong, that we are nutritionally starving and so stores fat. These days we can purchase ‘smarter’ multivitamins that also include minerals, amino acids, herbs and antioxidants. Saves money….and a liquid one absorbs even better by our bodies

    -Exercise, exercise, exercise. With all the sitting students do in class and studying muscle mass can decrease quickly. Since muscle burns more calories, when we start to lose muscle but eat the same amount of calories, the pounds start slowly accumulating.

    • Very detailed response. Thanks for sharing. I could elaborate on bits and pieces, but great job with the feedback!

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