STT’s tip #2 of the month for March 2010

Looking for a way to burn an extra few calories a day?  How about a few ways to burn 100 or more without even thinking about it?  Set you alarm 15 minutes early and stop hitting the snooze three times.  Get up and go for a walk every morning before heading to work.  After two or three weeks of the pre-work workout, begin jogging for two minute intervals.  When you are at work, walk around when you are on the phone.  Get off the subway or bus a few stops early and walk the rest of the way.  And when you get home, take a bike ride with the kids or take the dog to the park for a brisk way.


  1. depends on what perspective you’re looking at this from.
    1) someone who already works out and wants to fit another 100kcal in
    2) someone who doesn’t workout and wants to ‘work-out’ to burn 100kcal
    3) someone who doesn’t workout and doesn’t want to ‘work-out’ but wants to burn 100kcal through activity

    1- add an extended cardio warm up/cool down or find 1,2,4,5 or 10 spots in a workout to do a 100,50,25,20 or 10 calorie cardio interval

    2- go to the gym! hahaha..jk. perform a body-weight (push up/pull up/squat/planks/bridges/lunges/etc) circuit for 15 minutes in the morning/evening/lunch hour or find 15-20 minutes to walk in the morning/evening/lunch hour

    3- get motivated to exercise!!! hahaha…i’m just full of jokes today!
    walk around the house durning daily activities (while brushing teeth or reading or watching tv)
    walk a little extra while at work, or to work…or while shopping…or watching the kids play sports…of however else you can be outside and ‘active’
    …or join a club (basketball/volleyball, softball, rowing, etc)

    • Great ideas! It is amazing when you start doing the math how many “100 calorie workouts” can be done with a little thought. Thanks for sharing, Keith.

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